Hopefully you have read all that you need from this website, if you still have some questions please look below at our FAQ’s. If you still have questions and would like more details on Formula Gulf please contact us – info@gulf-sport.com

What is Formula Gulf?
Formula Gulf is the UAE’s (United Arab Emirates) National Single Seater Championship. It consists of 14 x 50km races held at 7 two day events. Each event includes 3 x 20 minute test sessions and one 20 minute qualification practise. Its recently been designated as a Competition Driving School, so it makes the perfect winter training ground for young moving up the formula ladder. More Info…

How is it different to Formula 4?
Formula 4 would be the normal progression after being successful in Formula Gulf, but Formula Gulf is a not only a race series but a Training Academy with a large focus on driver development, fitness coaching and media training. – For more information on Formula 4 click here.

When does it start?
The first race of the 2015/16 Championship will take place in November 2015. The last race will take place in March 2016. More Info…

Does FG1000 overlap with the European race season?
The calendar is designed to enable drivers from Europe and S.E.Asia to use FG1000 as a cost effective ‘winter series’ with no overlap on traditional European calendars.

How much does it cost to enter?
Entry fee for the 2014/15 Championship is AED 276,000 for Arrive and Drive (Aprox. Euro € 69,000). More info…

Are discounts available?
We offer good financial incentives for drivers that commit and pay of the whole season up front. We also offer various payment plans to suit your needs. Please contact us for information on this.

What is included in the Arrive and Drive Entry Fee?
Use of a dedicated, race prepared car for the full season including registration fees, test day fees, race day fees, logistics, team hospitality, a new set of slick race tyres at each event, trackside support plus shared race engineer and driver coach. More info…

Is the car insured?
Insurance is not included in the Entry Fee. Driver would be invoiced for the replacement cost of any parts of the car that become damaged whilst under the control of the Driver at any of the tests and races. A quotation for insurance to cover on-track accident damage can be provided on request.

What experience or qualifications do I need for entry?
Minimum experience required is a season of CIK kart racing or FIA car racing. If you do not have previous experience of driving a similar car, then you will need to attend an FG1000 Training/Test session. All competitors require an FIA Race License. If the race license was not issued by the ATC-UAE, then a Start Permission letter is required from the ‘ASN’ who issued the license.

What is the car and where else is this car raced?
The car is an RFR F1000 built by the legendary constructor Ralph Firman (previously Van Diemen). The RFR F1000 is a race winning car in the USA’s Formula 1000 Pro Series (an SCCA National Championship) and American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta, also now in western Australia F1000 Championship. It is also the same chassis used for BRDC F4 More info…

Do I need my own team or mechanics?
No. All cars are prepared to the same high standard, have an identical setup, and are run by Team GulfSport – these costs are included in your Entry Fee.

How does the Formula Gulf single seater compare?
The FG11 used for Formula Gulf weighs 400kgs, its 4-cylinder engine produces 150bhp at 12,500 revs uses a 6-speed sequential gearbox and F3 spec tyres. Therefore the performance and specification is very similar to Formula 4. We also use the same Hankook tyres used in many FiA certified F4 series currently.

What is the safety of the car?
The car incorporates 2009 FIA crash tested multi-tubular stepped space frame chassis, FIA wheel tethers, FIA spec head protection, front crash box, and FIA approved roll-over hoop. More info…

Can I test drive the car?
You will be trained to drive the FG11 car  at the official Training/Test session. More info…

I only have karting experience; can I race in FG1000?
FG1000 is designed as the first step on the ladder to F1 for kart racers. If you want to race in FG1000 but have no previous racing experience, we would recommend that you do a minimum of one season of racing in a series like Rotax Max.

I don’t have any money – can you find me a sponsor?
We do not have sponsors in the side lines ready to help you. In fact it is very hard to get a sponsor in current times. The majority of our grid is funded by parents of the drivers, we have a few drivers that are sponsored. We will certainly support you with media material for you proposals to sponsors.

What media coverage can I expect?
GulfSport prepare and distribute press releases to a variety of web-based and print media organisations and your details will be published on-line at www.FG1000.net. Across last season there was coverage on the global Mobil 1 The Grid TV show, local TV and global press. There is also an audience of over 40,000 people that follow the series on the official social media channels.

Still have questions? – info@gulf-sport.com