Formula Gulf – Season 5

CE1E0519 Formula Gulf   Season 5

Formula Gulf , the UAE’s National Single Seater Championship was developed by GulfSport Racing to fill a void that existed in the region and indeed globally between kart racing and International motor racing.

For Season 5 Formula Gulf has been designated as a Competition Driving School by the FIA’s National Sporting Authority (ATCUAE). While the successful format remains the same as previous years, its new designation adds to the growing credibility and reputation that Formula Gulf is gaining globally as the perfect place for young drivers to receive professional training in a safe environment before embarking on their race series of choice in 2016.

CE1E0680 300x146 Formula Gulf   Season 5For example, 15 year old kart champion Tom Bale drove a car for the first time in Season 3 and went on to become the 2014 Formula Gulf Champion in his first season. In Season 4 Kuwaiti Ahmed Al Ghanem was sent by Spanish race team Campos Racing to train in Formula Gulf in preparation for his debut season in EuroFormula Open (F3). Philippe Gautheron (Technical Director, Campos Racing) made the following encouraging comment after Ahmed got on the podium in his first F3 event – “Ahmad was doing surprisingly well, really far exceeding our initial expectations. He is only lacking on brake pressure at the moment but improves from session to session. The foundation he got through FG1000 is bearing fruit, definitely”!

GulfSport’s unique package of intense coaching and racing also attracted more experienced racers such as Natasha Seatter and Weiron Tan who had both previously raced Formula BMW in Malaysia. Natasha went from being a challenger to a winner, while Weiron went on to win races in UK Formula Renault, then moving up to F3 and is currently wining races in the Pro Mazda – Road to Indy series in the USA with Andretti Autosport.

7C0A0457 Formula Gulf   Season 5

The Formula Gulf race format and the cars were designed to achieve one specific objective: to fast-track the development of drivers so they can move with confidence to the next step of a professional racing career. This season the budget is still the lowest of any one-make series globally at AED 276,000 (Euro 68,000) for a complete season of 14 races (7 events and one pre-season test).

Ambitious young drivers will find their next career step will likely cost them four times more than a season in Formula Gulf, so clearly not a place to be learning how to drive a Formula car. Moreover, they are only able to compare their driving performance data against their own previous laps and crucially do not see the performance data from faster competitors.

7C0A0559 Formula Gulf   Season 5

By contrast, Formula Gulf drivers work with GulfSport’s professional driver coach between every track session to analyse their performance data at a very detailed level. Rater than doing what most data engineers do, which is to simply point out where a competitor is faster, the Formula Gulf driver coach explains why another driver is faster and is able to articulate this in such a way that allows it to be put into practice.

Better still, their best lap is compared with the best lap of the fastest driver and in fact all the drivers on the grid! Progress is rapid as this is no ordinary “data analysis”, it’s true driver coaching!

The cars are identical and run by one team so the focus is always on driver skill. No worries here about cheating or cheque-book racing. A great place to learn for the future and to have fun!

10501698 657655370985029 1764517819001526220 n 300x200 Formula Gulf   Season 5Campos Racing support enabled the 2014/15 season Champion Tejas Hirani to take part in a fully paid for F3 test at Valencia. This season Formula Gulf has teamed up with Optimal Fitness who will asses all drivers at the start of the season. A bespoke fitness plan will be built, maintained and reviewed through the season by Optimal Fitness’s top coaches.

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