2015 Training & Testing

by Martin on March 8, 2015

As the 2014/15 season draws to a close, more young talented drivers emerge who took full advantage of the unique training and racing programs offered by Formula Gulf 1000.

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As soon as the race season finishes the GulfSport team head back to the track to commence their summer testing and training program from April to May 2015. As before, this highly controlled environment enables kart racers as young as 14 to take advantage of the opportunity to experience an FG11 single-seater race car and more importantly, be trained to drive it properly. Since the start of the Formula Gulf 1000 championship some four seasons ago, more than 40 drivers have been through this training program and have enjoyed the rare opportunity to learn to drive a slicks and wings Formula car.

This season Formula Gulf has been recognised by the FIA’s National Sporting Authority (ATCUAE) as a Competition Driving School making it the perfect step from karting to the world of single seater racing.

Package One (2 Days) – Training and Testing (Dubai Club Circuit) – AED 14,000 ($3,800)

This package is designed for kart racers looking to learn single-seater skills and race car drivers who wish to go back to basics and work on the important fundamentals of driving a racing car correctly.

Day 1 (You can just do day 1 for AED6,000)

  • Controlled on-track exercises learning left foot braking and gear shifting
  • De-Briefing using data loggers to analyse technique
  • Controlled on-track session linking corners with further data logger de-brief
  • Follow/lead around complete circuit to learn race lines

Day 2

  • Briefing and track walk
  • Testing sessions with data/video debrief after each session (150km)

Package Two (1 Day) – Testing (Dubai Club Circuit) – AED 8,000 ($2,200)

This package is designed for drivers who have taken part in Package One and are looking for more track time, or have raced in other car championships and want to test a single seater on a very cost effective level

Day 1

  • Briefing and track walk
  • Testing sessions with data/video debrief after each session (150km)


How old do you need to be to test?

This is a private test session and does not come under the jurisdiction of the FIA. However, all drivers have to had spent time racing karts or cars and be at least 14 years of age.

What licence do i need?

As this is a private event no road or race licence is required

What date can I test?

We have made booking at the Dubai Autodrome for April and May so please call to see what dates are available.

I have no fireproof race kit, can you help?

We have a couple of race suits that we can lend, yes.

Please Contact us to find out more information or to book you place. Download flyer – Click Here

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