What people are saying about FG1000…

Now at the end of the third season of Formula Gulf 1000, we thought it a good idea to share some of the positive feedback we get from drivers, their parents, the media and other supporters of the series. We will keep adding it as it comes in…

1911643 677022522341581 727793080 n 300x200 What people are saying about FG1000...”I Just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to drive for the past four rounds of the FG1000, 2014. Having come from a strong racing background, to include a podium finish in my first ever kart race, numerous trophies in Formula TKM, and many years and numerous class wins in Formula Ford as well as podium finishes at the European acclaimed Formula Ford festival I always thought I had a good grip on single seater racing.

From the start, the coaching (which I didn’t think I needed) was excellent, from the drilling in the simulator to the breakdown of each corner, gear change, and even steering angle used. Each was proactively analysed and developed. Having extensively used data logging systems, I was amazed at Tommy’s and Martin’s ability to understand the route-cause of why the car was in a different position and then the best route to an optimum solution.

It’s hard not to focus on the advice of a a Le Mans winner and that’s exactly what you get with Tommy Erdos. He doesn’t just give data, he applies real-time solutions and improvements.

So in summary, race weekends in a high performance single-seater, with in-car cameras and multi channel data-loggers, analysed and optimised by a Le-Mans champion! I ask you, who isn’t going to enjoy this and improve?

It’s not just the package, it’s what is behind it. Take a family who have spent a life-time dedicated to making themselves go faster now offering out that expertise to others. Add a Formula car that you can’t help but love to drive and which forces you to drive better and mix it with a blend of Erdos and you have a potent formula.

The facilities are perfect to make yourself and your family feel part of this professional setup and the race days had plenty of activities for the wife and kids to enjoy in between races. For any racers out there, if you want fair, fun, addictive racing – try it.” Joel Young (Ex-Formula Ford racer)

“The outfit run by GulfSport Racing provides great training and racing for aspiring young drivers to further their careers on3926211721 f6eb730126 m What people are saying about FG1000... the single-seater ladder. I haven’t seen training like this since the Jim Russell Race School days back in the 90’s when Andy and I worked together training young pupils freshly out of karting, with the aim to give them a proper understanding of what it took to become a professional race car driver.

Don’t think that because they are based in Dubai, this is a real expensive programme…check them out! This is really cost effective single-seater racing with expert training, using data acquisition, on-board video and extra sessions outside the race car, including Motorsport related fitness training and media seminars.

I am genuinely impressed at the Formula Gulf set up and I urge anyone interested in furthering their careers to give it the attention it deserves. To make it even more attractive, they race at the hugely technical Dubai Circuit, as well as at Yas Marina, which undoubtedly has the best facilities – in the world!” Tommy Erdos – FG1000 Driver Coach/Le Mans Winner


“For us as parents, on the top of the checklist to decide on our son’s progression into single seater racing 27929 477023935674775 573607824 n 300x199 What people are saying about FG1000...would be the professionalism of a team, the track on which the series is run and of course the budget.   The Formula Gulf 1000 series is a champion hands down in all these areas and the driver development offered by the team of professionals is  exemplary on all counts.” Parents – Rahul Raj Mayer



184514 477023989008103 1337338404 n 300x199 What people are saying about FG1000...“Upon learning that we were moving to Dubai, we contacted Barry regarding the possibility of Nick joining the FG1000 2011/2012 Championship in December 2011.  Barry was very responsive and helpful, and Nick participated in his first race with the FG1000 at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.  We found Barry and his team to be very professional, and particularly liked the fact that it was a single-make series.  Every member of Barry’s team is an experienced professional with the highest standards in safety and performance for the drivers in mind.  We believe that the FG1000 is one of the best values on the market in terms of single-seater formative experiences, and were happy to commit to a second year for Nick.  He has learned a huge amount in the past year and has a good chance to win some of the races as the year goes on.  Gulf-Sport Racing is a family business, and the drivers are cared for as if they were family.” Parents – Nick Canal


“Natasha has been racing in Formula car series for three years all over the world. In our experience FG1000262714 477089545668214 1823400424 n 300x200 What people are saying about FG1000... series offers an excellent introduction for developing young aspirants into capable formula drivers…at any price! The key success factor for FG1000 is a top quality car in a one make, same set up format that emphasizes driving and racing skills. No car offers any mechanical or aero advantage over any other and an experienced drivers coach shares all the drivers data openly. This allows for rapid progress and very close racing. At 59,000 Euro’s this is a ‘must do’ series for any young driver wanting to ‘be the very best by learning from the very best’.” Parents – Natasha Seatter.


3346464551 86bbf5015c z 300x195 What people are saying about FG1000...“I have no doubt that Formula Gulf 1000 is the right series at the right time for the Gulf region. Having won the
2002 Formula Renault UK Chanpionship and an F3 race with Raikkonen Robertson Racing I know what it takes to get there and having worked with Gulfsport this initiative deserves everyones support” Danny Watts – Le Mans Winner LMP2


“I have done a number of days testing in the car in which the car performed very well, it was easy to drive managed good lap times and responded well to small setup changes and I think it’s a great car for young frqu14rfHR 300x199 What people are saying about FG1000...karters to start learning how to drive with wings and slicks” Ralph Firman – Ex F1 Driver, British F3 Champion & Formula Nippon Champion

mohammed ben sulayem debuts as official f1 steward in turkey 7418 1 268x300 What people are saying about FG1000...“We were waiting a long time for this. There was a big gap after karting. That’s what pushed local drivers into it. Interest is everywhere. When there is a local hero, there is a lot of interest. We want to encourage them to climb up that ladder. Education and discipline are very important. It is not just about going fast. You cannot just join Formula One.” Mohammed Ben Sulayem –  President of the Automobile and Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates (ATCUAE)